"In our plan for the education of little children we must create an attractive environment.  Into this environment we must put everything that is good for the mind, along with an understanding and affectionate person." 

Dr Maria Montessori

Confident, empathetic children grow up to be thoughtful citizens

That learning starts in the earliest years of childhood through collaborative, creative interactions and self-directed, hands-on learning. At Wing Kei Montessori, we use the well-known and highly-regarded Montessori approach to interacting with and caring for children. Our excellent, professionally-trained staff create a passionate learning environment that cultivates a love of learning, an appreciation for diversity, and a strong sense of belonging. Our not-for-profit models and shares Christian values.

Tour Wing Kei Montessori

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our open houses have been postponed during this time. Until it is safe to hold an open house, you can visit our Facebook or Instagram for a virtual tour of our facility. Also, please like and follow our Facebook or Instagram for future updates.

Private, in-person tours of the program for interested parents may be accommodated by booking an appointment here.

The Montessori Philosophy

Support  exploration  & independence

Support exploration & independence

Nurture curiosity to understand the world

Nurture curiosity to understand the world

Use connection to grow language

Use connection to grow language

At the heart of an Intergenerational Community

Intergenerational communities embrace gratitude and a deeper awareness and appreciation for the diversity of humanity. Wing Kei Montessori is the first step in a multi-year plan to build such a community. Children between 12 months and six years of age will enjoy programs that cultivate independence, emphasize social connection, stimulate academic inquiry especially in language and math, and encourage physical activity.