Wing Kei started as a dream with a conversation on an airplane heading east from Calgary to Toronto. A conversation that seeded the vision to provide loving, culturally appropriate care for seniors in Calgary rooted in Christian values. Through strong relationships and the incredible generosity of our community, we have flourished.

Today, over twenty years since that conversation took place on the airplane, we are growing to care for people at the other spectrum of life with the opening of Wing Kei Montessori. We continue to be guided by a mission to serve in God’s name, recognizing it as an act of love and reverence.

Wing Kei Village

Our long-term vison for Wing Kei Village, where the Montessori is located, is to create an intergenerational community. Montessori children, seniors, and staff will interact and learn from one another on a regular basis. Studies demonstrate that when children spend time with seniors regularly they are naturally more empathetic and understanding; when seniors spend time with children they feel excited and gratified; and when staff experience and become part of these interactions they feel a greater sense of fulfilment.

Wing Kei Montessori is the first step in a multi-year plan to build such a community. In the coming years, Wing Kei Village will form a full campus with the Montessori, seniors housing, long term care, resource centres, and a common space where friends and neighbours can gather. In the meantime, Montessori children will visit seniors at Wing Kei Greenview to enhance their social interaction, understanding, and empathy.


Intergenerational communities embrace gratitude and a deep awareness and appreciation for the diversity of humanity.