Wing Kei Montessori is built around the ideals of two key influencers: Maria Montessori and Wing Kei. Maria Montessori was a visionary who believed in nurturing the innate curiosity of children encouraging them to be independent, thoughtful, and empathetic. Wing Kei is a local organization that was founded with a desire to serve people in our city, offering seniors safe, quality care grounded in an unwavering mission to serve with love.

Our program fosters a sense of responsibility in children towards themselves, each other, and the natural world. We encourage children to learn by doing and to be active participants in the community, helping to make it a better place. Our program is connected to the neighbourhood and city through activities, including field trips and community service. Children will build relationships with seniors by visiting Wing Kei Care Centres. Through our program, children will see themselves as part of the world and understand the importance of their unique contributions.

Wing Kei Montessori is not-for-profit organization.

Our mission

Embrace the individuality of each child, indulging their curiosity to be self-directed learners, flexible thinkers, and creative problem solvers.