The term “Nido” is defined as “nest” in Italian, which is exactly what our Nido Montessori environment provides, a peaceful space for children between 12 - 18 months to explore, similar to their own homes.  During these early months of life, your child absorbs information from the environment through observation and tactile experiences.  These experiences and opportunities help lay the foundation for later learning and a stronger foundation for the child to build upon. 

Our environment includes developmentally appropriate furniture and materials.  Safety is always our priority, but equipment that limits a child’s freedom of movement is avoided.  We have specially designed furniture that supports your child’s independence, including bars for pulling up, mirrors to reflect body movement, and a sleeping area with individual floor mats, and child-size tables and chairs.

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"The hand is the instrument of intelligence.  The child needs to manipulate objects and to gain experience by touching and handling."

- Maria Montessori

"Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment."

- Maria Montessori